We, this is Adolf Wolf SANOclav, manufacture and distribute autoclaves ( steam sterilizers) for the use in laboratories and pharmacies. Our product palette encloses equipment from 5 up to 150 litres volume of pressure vessel.


The company Adolf Wolf SANOclav was founded in spring 1983 by Mr. Adolf Wolf and was seated from 
1983 to 1998 in:       73312 Geislingen / Steige, Germany
and moved 1998 to: 73337 Bad Überkingen - Hausen, Germany
We maintain a quality management - system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and are certified since 2000.
Contact persons:
For detailed information about our products and services the following persons like to be quite at your disposal:


Managing Director Mr. Adolf Wolf
Managing / Distribution Mr. Peter Fink
Technical Department Mr. Peter Fink
Quality Management Mr. Horst Kölle


It is our aspiration with efficient products and services, as well as an effective quality policy the satisfaction of our customers to earn and to deepen.